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Measuring Engagement: Bounce Rates and Why They Matter

When a visitor leaves your website after viewing just one page, it’s called a “bounce”. Your “bounce rate” may be an indicator of a poor user experience, which can lead to frustrated visitors; poor conversion rates; and less search traffic. Let’s take a look.

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Is Your Website Ready for Apple Watch?

Is it time to design websites that also work on wristwatches? Would a web page even be legible at such a small size? Out of curiosity, I created a mockup to see what my website might look like on Apple Watch, and was surprised.

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WordPress Child Themes and Why You Should Use Them

If you or your WordPress developer failed to use a child theme, modifications to your website could disappear when your parent theme gets updated. Such an oversight could cost you hundreds, if not thousands in development dollars, and hours of downtime to correct. Here’s how to avoid that costly mistake.

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Your Website: How to Avoid the Post-Launch Blues.

After months of preparation and hard work, you finally have a website you’re proud of. Surely, it will resonate with your target audience and deliver the results you have planned for.

But the website goes live, and weeks later, you’re disappointed.

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How to Hire a Freelance Web Designer for Your New Small Business Website.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses who are about to hire a freelance web designer for the first time, are usually in for an unpleasant surprise. Because these prospective clients rarely understand what it takes to build and maintain a website, they typically default to price as their primary method for selecting a designer, which is understandable, but rarely a good idea.

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