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What is WordPress Maintenance Service and Security Monitoring?

Like an automobile, your WordPress website needs to be properly maintained and insured. But if yours is like most small businesses, your website was built and launched with very little thought given to either. Introducing WordPress Maintenance Service…

Think About It: How much time and money would you lose if your website SUDDENLY went down? What Would you do? Who would you call?

That’s why Oddo Design offers this low-cost, monthly WordPress maintenance service to take the hassle out of WordPress maintenance and security monitoring for your business.

WordPress Maintenance Service - Software Updates

Software Updates

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress Security

Security Monitoring

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress Backups

Offsite Backups

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress Support


The Basics: Regular Software Updates

WordPress Maintenance Service - Software UpdatesAmong other things, a good WordPress maintenance plan includes regular (at least monthly) updates of WordPress, plugins, and occasionally, theme files. That’s because developers frequently release software updates to: help protect against hackers; make your website run better; and add new features.

To a novice, updating WordPress and plugins is as easy as clicking a button… until something goes terribly wrong.

Yes, sometimes these updates actually create new issues due to unforeseeable conflicts with existing software. For example, visual and/or technical glitches— or worse, a downed website. That’s why Oddo Design tests each software update, one-by-one, on an offline copy of your website before pushing them to your live site. Oddo Design also takes the extra precaution of backing up your live site immediately before and after each update.

WordPress Security Monitoring: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress SecuritySadly, you need to go far beyond the basics of updating WordPress and plugins to make it tougher for hackers to break into your website.

Oddo Design can help you enforce the use of secure passwords; avoid using certain usernames that hackers typically exploit (e.g., “admin”); integrate stronger authentication methods (two-factor authentication or reCAPTCHA); monitor WordPress core files for unauthorized changes; and so much more.

Furthermore, when you subscribe to Oddo Design’s wordPress maintenance service, your website will be constantly monitored for suspicious activity.

Offsite Backups For a Rainy Day

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress BackupsEvery website maintenance plan should include daily backups of your website just in case we need to revert to a recent, older version. Why? Examples include hacked websites; corrupted databases; hosting issues; and more. Don’t assume that your web host is doing this for you! And if they are, you need to know where to find these updates and what to do to get your site back up and running as quickly as possible.

Knowing When Your Website is Down

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress Uptime MonitoringMany companies have no idea when their website is down. That’s why it’s important to constantly monitor it for downtime. This is a very common problem among budget hosting companies and shared hosting plans. When traffic gets heavy, your website goes down. But the fact is, there are many issues that can cause your website to go down. The sooner you know about it, the sooner the issue can be addressed… and sometimes that means moving to another hosting company (yes, Oddo Design can also move your website to a new hosting company).

Getting Help When You Need It

WordPress Maintenance Service - WordPress SupportFor many small companies, hiring a full-time WordPress expert would be impractical. But who will you call when something goes wrong? Fortunately, up to 1 hour of WordPress support is included in Oddo Design’s website maintenance service!

Why Oddo Design for Website Maintenance?

Oddo Design is a Texas-based firm that knows WordPress, and has capabilities that extend far beyond WordPress website maintenance— should you ever need them. Furthermore, there is no time commitment— you can pay on a month-to-month basis, and cancel at any time.

What’s Included

The WordPress Website Maintenance Service by Oddo Design includes timely updates of WordPress and plugins; advanced protection against hackers; one-on-one WordPress support from a domestic WordPress expert; website downtime monitoring; offsite backups; and more— for less than $160 per month.

Monthly WordPress and Plugin Updates

  • WordPress and plugins updated for you on a monthly basis

WordPress Security and Monitoring

  • Daily monitoring of your website to detect and help prevent hacking attempts
  • Brute-force protection to limit excessive failed login attempts by hackers
  • Security audit— list of high-priority recommendations to better secure your website

Daily Remote Backups

  • Daily offsite backups of your WordPress database (stored for up to 2 weeks)
  • Weekly offsite backups of your WordPress files (stored for up to 2 weeks)

WordPress Support

  • Includes up to 1 non-rollover hour of monthly assistance which can be used for consultations, design enhancements, coding modifications, support, and one-on-one training
  • Option to purchase more hours

Daily Uptime/Downtime Monitoring

  • Daily monitoring of your website to help minimize downtime and performance issues

How It Works

Just sign up with this handy form; and relax! Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email from Oddo Design with a request for your login credentials. When updates are made to your website, you will be notified via email.

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