WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites

Custom Websites That Differentiate

A common misconception held by many small businesses is that a predesigned template and several hours of work is all it takes to create a good custom website. But if you want to stand out from the crowd and deliver a good experience for your visitors, a one-size-fits-all solution just won’t cut it.

That’s why Oddo Design creates attractive and highly-functional Custom websites using a proven web design process that seeks first to understand what matters most to you and your visitors— long before focusing on aesthetics.

Details matter— whether it’s defining/clarifying your web strategy; designing the look and feel of your website; developing custom functionality; or developing a plan for driving traffic to your site.

Why Oddo Design for Your CUSTOM Website…

Your Website will Fit Your Business and Visitors Like a Glove.

Happy User ExperienceYour success metrics, target audience, competitive environment, and other important criteria, serve as the guiding light for everything Oddo Design does— right down to the visual prioritization of graphical elements (e.g., calls-to-action) to create a great user experience and optimize conversions.

Your Website will be Flexible and Extensible— and Won’t be Held Hostage by a Proprietary Platform.

Extensible Custom WebsitesYour custom website can start small and expand when you’re ready, without having to start over. And unlike proprietary platforms, you are free to choose among many high-performance web hosting providers. In addition, Oddo Design can customize your content management dashboard to better suit your particular workflow.

Your Website will be Fast, Mobile-friendly, and Easy for Search Engines to Find.

Mobile-friendly Custom WebsitesOddo Design does not use pre-designed templates as a crutch for poor design and development skills. Furthermore, pre-designed templates are often bloated with one-size-fits-all, conflict-prone, slow-to-load features you’ll never use. What Oddo Design does use (if your budget permits) is a modern, responsive, developer-friendly framework— exclusively for the WordPress platform, to make the custom web design and development process as efficient as possible.

Your Website will be Reasonably Priced and Created by a U.S.-based WordPress Specialist with a Proven Track Record.

Custom Websites Made in the USAWith Oddo Design, you’ll work directly with the “A” team— the designer and developer of your custom website, who will help you avoid expensive mistakes. And when it’s time to address an abstract concept you may not be familiar with, you’ll find the communication process to be efficient and insightful.

Your Website will be Properly Maintained, by the Original Designer and Developer of Your Website.

Certified Custom WebsitesCreating custom websites and taking care of clients has been Oddo Design’s “day job” for over 20 years— it’s not a hobby or something that’s done after hours. It’s a livelihood. That means after your custom website goes live, Oddo Design will be here to help you improve, expand, and properly maintain your website. Need support or maintenance? Oddo Design can help with that too.

Custom WordPress Web Design

  • Web Strategy
  • Site Map Creation
  • Research/Needs Analysis
  • Use-Case Scenarios
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Concept Development
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design

Custom WordPress Web Development

  • Custom Themes & Templates
  • Custom Plugins & Widgets
  • Third-Party Plugin Installation/Configuration
  • WooCommerce
  • Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
  • CRM Integration (Agile, Insightly, Zoho, etc.)
  • Email Integration (Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, etc.)
  • Advanced Submission Forms (w/Gravity Forms)
  • Q/A & Debugging
  • Host Migration
  • SEO
  • Maintenance

The making of Your Custom Website

Oddo Design’s custom website creation process is the culmination of over 20 years of professional, award-winning graphic design, web design, and web development experience. As you can see, it’s a well-conceived, modern process that goes far beyond picking a pretty template and adding your logo (as many “custom” web designers/developers can only do). That said, this process is still flexible and is often modified to better accommodate your budget and timing constraints. Let’s take a look…
Oddo Website Process

Phase I: Discovery

1. Strategy Brief/Session

  • To clarify/define/prioritize your strategic objectives

2. Preliminary Site Map or Page List

  • To prioritize and define mission-critical pages
  • To define the scope of the project

3. Research/Needs Analysis

  • To determine if existing WordPress plugins can satisfy the desired functionality of your website
  • To consider target keywords for search engine optimization (if applicable)

Phase II: Ideation

4. Use-Case Scenarios

  • To better empathize with the target audience

5. Competitive Analysis

  • To informally survey the landscape and capitalize on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

6. Concept Development

  • To explore creative solutions for communicating the brand personality

7. Final Site Map and/or Page List

  • To incorporate the knowledge gained from the preceding exercises

Phase III: Design & Development

8. Rough Wireframe(s)

  • To loosely define site navigation; page layout; and technically complexity for mission-critical pages (aka goal pages)

9. Full-color Mockup(s)

  • To establish the look and feel (and sometimes functionality) of the site after the wireframe(s) has/have been approved

10. Final Production

  • To build out the remainder of custom page templates and pages
  • To add content (text and image placeholders) to the site
  • To create and fine-tune the remainder of all creative and technical assets

11. Testing

  • To identify and correct bugs before going live

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