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WordPress Customization

Getting Your Website Customized

Want to integrate your website with a payment gateway, an email platform, or a CRM? Or maybe you’d like an advanced submission form, a custom plugin, a landing page template, or a few design tweaks to improve conversion rates. The sky’s the limit!

Not long ago, a client hired me to fix a few issues on their website temporarily— until they could afford a new one. To their delight, I fixed their original, poorly-developed website for good and saved them over $7,000! Sometimes you don’t need a new website— you just need a better web designer/developer.

I’ve Seen (and Fixed) It All

Websites that blocked search engines. Google Analytics tracking code that was never installed. “Contact Us” forms that haven’t worked in months. Text and/or graphics that made a terrible first impression. Cryptic error messages that made visitors bounce off their site.

I Know WordPress

I’ve worked on WordPress websites exclusively for the past decade— creating custom websites, themes, and plugins from scratch; safely customizing the WordPress backend to streamline a client’s content management workflow; adding custom templates, custom post types, custom fields— and lots more.


I’ve been a full-time freelance web designer and web developer for over 20 years. I personally do all of the work right here in Austin, Texas. I also work very hard to build and keep long-term relationships— no matter how large or small your company may be.

Cost Effective

Formerly trained as a designer/illustrator, I made the transition from print to digital media in the early 90s. That means you’ll always work with the same guy— whether its writing code; improving the design of your website; or creating a few graphics (like those I created on this page).

Maintained and Secured

One of the best ways to keep your website running like new and hacker-free is by regularly updating plugins; fighting hackers; and constantly checking for performance bottlenecks.

Divi Expertise

Did your previous developer use ElegantThemes’ Divi Theme and Website Builder to create your website? I use Divi for many of the new websites I create, to save my client’s time and money. Are you unhappy with Divi? Let me help!