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WordPress Web Design For New Websites

New websites by Oddo Design are thoughtfully designed to meet your strategic objectives and deliver an exceptional user experience.

And for Existing Websites

Oddo Design can also improve your existing website to optimize conversion rates; reduce visitors’ frustration; and improve your workflow.

Why WordPress Web Design Services

When Oddo Design began creating websites in 1994, websites were simple— but still very difficult for our clients to make even modest text edits without hiring a web designer or web developer (i.e., us) to do the work. It was expensive and time-consuming.

In the late 1990’s the emergence of content management systems made the website editing process considerably easier for content managers and writers— but only for companies who could afford them. Eventually, free and open source content management systems like WordPress became available to the masses.

Today, nearly half of all websites (that’s over 500 million websites) rely on a content management system, and WordPress is used by almost 60% of them!

WordPress is flexible, scalable, and secure. It’s the perfect content management system for most small businesses— from food and beverage, to healthcare, legal, software and technology, manufacturing, real estate, retail, and many more. These are just a few of the reasons why Oddo Design focuses exclusively on WordPress web design and support.

If you’re in need of a new website, and you’re not really sure if you need a content management system like WordPress, there’s no need to worry. The cost is about the same, and if you want to self-manage your website later (write and edit content, add new pages, add images, etc.), you’ll have the ability to do so. In the meantime, you’ll find all the support you need, right here, at Oddo Design.

Uncommon WordPress Web Design

Many companies, including WordPress web design firms, rely heavily on generic, predesigned WordPress themes because they are very inexpensive and relatively easy to customize if your needs are basic. However, the extent to which they do and can customize these themes varies tremendously. This is a very important distinction to make when hiring a web design firm.

Rest assured, Oddo Design knows WordPress inside and out— but also has the award-winning design expertise to combine typography, color, photography, illustration, and other creative elements to communicate effectively with your target audience and make your business look its best.

Web Design Services

Custom WordPress Websites

Complete, one-of-a-kind WordPress websites designed and developed exclusively for your business.

Custom WordPress Themes

Custom WordPress themes (aka templates) that empower tech-savvy clients to build out their own website (i.e., add pages, text, images, etc.).

Logo Design

Logos that are professionally designed to create a consistent, positive image across all marketing channels and media.

Website Audits

An evaluation of 5 critical areas of your current website: content; design; technology; security; and seo.

Web Strategy

The definition and/or clarification of your strategic objectives to ground the design and development process.

WordPress Customization

Web analytics-guided design enhancements to improve your existing WordPress website/theme.

Web Development

User-friendly features for your WordPress website that will make you, and your visitors, more productive.

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