The Website Redesign of Oddo Design

A couple of weeks ago, I quietly launched my new website. As you will see, this website redesign is flat and modern— clearly different than the illustrative retro design I created for the previous version.

Oddo Old and New

Shorter Domain Name

Since 60% or more of my workload these days is purely technical in nature, I dropped the word “design” from my domain name. Otherwise, I will eventually end up with a very long and unmemorable domain name (e.g.,

New Visual Identity (aka Logo)

I began redesigning my new logo about a year ago. The stacked version looks a little odd on the old site, but it helped transition to my new identity. Among other things, the new logo established a solid foundation for color and typography on everything I redesigned— from my invoices to the new website.

Redirecting Traffic

Because I recently reverted back to my original domain name (, registered in 1995), I redirected traffic from (the older design) to (the new design) using “301 redirects”. This technique transparently tells search engines and visitors that “” has been permanantly relocated to “”.

Redesigned for Fewer Clicks

I also rewrote the entire website (except for blog posts) to better address the needs of my target audience. In doing so, I established 4 areas of service to help my clients and prospects request help with as few clicks as possible:

Email Subscriptions

I’m continuing to utilize the Gravity Forms plugin and Mailchimp email service to automatically send out blog articles to my subscribers. Shortly after the website went live, I received subscription requests from what I believe to be hackers and/or spammers… which prompted me to clean up my database. Hopefully, you did not receive this without subscribing (or as a result of someone else using your email address), but if so, please feel free to unsubscribe and accept my apologies in advance.

Goal Pages

And finally, I set up “goal pages” in Google Analytics to keep track of mission-critical pages within my website.

Any Suggestions?

When you have a moment, I’d love to get your feedback on the new design.

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