Top 10 Web Design Tactics for Building a Successful Website

Web Design Tactics PDF Booklet — Free Download

Top 10 Web Design Tactics for Building a Successful Website.Many clients, and even fellow web designers, begin a new website project by focusing on the obvious. They create a wish list that includes things like: favorite colors; favorite websites and/or templates; favorite photos and infographics; cool navigational elements and other widgets; and more.

But what if this wish list was actually detrimental to the success of the website?

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

In this e-booklet, I encourage clients, web designers, and others, to buck recent trends and adopt a more thorough and thoughtful approach to web design— by clarifying success metrics and traffic generation tactics; by carefully considering visitors’ expectations and the competitive landscape; and more… before the design process begins.

The 10 Tactics in this booklet are the guiding principles for well-designed websites and good user experiences… which ultimately lead to online success. It is the designer’s job to ask these questions, and the client’s job to answer them.

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