Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

In my experience as a web designer, here are the Top 5 web design mistakes that I see over and over again.

1. Poorly Established Visual Identity

Their logo, if they have one, looks different on everything you see— from their website, to signage, to business cards, and apparel. Their choice of color and typography is typically weak and inconsistent.

2. Bad User Experience

They make menus, buttons, and calls-to-action hard for visitors to find and/or difficult to understand. Pages are poorly laid out and poorly written. Images, if they exist, are used for no rhyme or reason. They use terminology that their visitors cannot relate to.

3. Weak Strategy

They rush into buying a cheap, pre-designed template based on what they think “looks pretty”. A web design without a sound strategy, is like a high-rise built on a foundation made of quicksand. It may look great, but without proper planning, it won’t last for long.

4. Stale Content

They think their website is a printed brochure that’s locked away in a closet. They rarely update or improve it, and miss the opportunity to promote products, services, and events in a timely manner. They frustrate visitors and waste money by not providing support online. And ultimately, they fail to generate a steady stream of traffic.

5. Lack of Web Analytics

They have no idea how popular or unpopular their website is. They can’t tell you what visitors do once they arrive— whether they leave after 10 seconds or dig deeper into the site for more information. And, they don’t know why that expensive ad campaign isn’t working or why their online sales are so weak.

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