How Big is Your Headache? Searching for a Freelance Web Designer or Web Developer for Your Small Business.

Yes, Web Designers and Developers Get Headaches Too

Web designers and web developers easily lose over $10,000 worth of non-billable time per year responding to estimate requests from prospective clients. The vast majority of our prospects turn out to be “tire-kickers” who, often innocently, pick our brains for hours and buy from the lowest bidder.

How Awful Is It to Hire a Web Designer?

But What’s It Like to Be a Client?

From what I hear, web designers and web developers are perceived as an unorganized group of free-spirited, unreliable individuals with questionable business practices. The fact is, some of us proudly charge $10 an hour for our work, while others charge $150 per hour or more. Some of us have day jobs so that we can sharpen our skills and build our client base. And others are highly-experienced, full-time freelancers with a proven track record.

I also understand that web designers and web developers have a reputation for not responding to project inquiries. But in all fairness, and while I don’t agree with such behavior, please see first paragraph of this article.

What’s a Client to do?

For a small business, finding and hiring the right web contractor can be a very frustrating experience… which is why I often recommend that they first search on LinkedIn and seek a referral from a trusted connection.

As for me, I’ll stick to designing and developing websites. I’d much rather handle the headaches on this side, thank you.

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