Planning for Your Website: How to Create a Page List

A “Page List” is a simplified version of a visual site map that helps a web designer determine the scope of work for your new, custom website. It is best suited for small websites, and as you can see, it resembles a content outline:

Home Page

– Maybe large image near top of page
– Maybe 3 feature columns under large image
– Latest news headlines

Section 1: Products/Services

1.1] Product/Services (5 pages, 1 for each product/service)

– Benefits, features, call-to-action (to contact us form)
– 1 Video testimonial per page (we will provide video)
– 1 Interactive info graphic per page

Section 2: Support

2.1] FAQs (3 pages)

– Approximately 30 faqs; 5 categories
– Question submission form

2.2] Support Request Form (1 page)

– Email routing for each of 3 support areas

Section 3: Blog/News

3.1] Articles (initially 15)

– Single page for each article
– Share icons
– Comments
– Sidebar with search, categories (3)

3.2] Article Archive (3 categories)

– Multiple pages depending on number of articles (published weekly)
– Archive includes all categories
– Ordered by date

3.3] Search Results (multiple pages)

Section 4: About Us

4.1] Our Team (1 page)

– 4-8 bios with portraits of each exec

4.2] Partners (1 page)

– 5-10 logos with links to external websites

4.3] Career Opportunities (2 pages)

– 3-8 job listings
– Resume submission form

4.4] Press (1 page)

– 3 logo sizes available for download
– 10 photos available for download
– At a glance file available for download
– Links to press releases

4.5] Press Release(s) (10 pages to start)

– 30 throughout the year

4.6] Investors (1 page)

– This is a link to our investor relations site

Section 5: Contact Us

5.1] How to Reach Us (1 page)

– Contact us form with spam prevention
– Include contact info for 3 departments (phone, email, address)


Legal (1 page)

On larger projects, and especially those involving complex interaction (e.g., a web-based application), it is more common to create a detailed visual map that resembles a flowchart. However, web designers typically use special applications such as Visio (Windows) or Omnigraffle (Mac) for this, that most small businesses are not familiar with.

Page List Templates

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