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Everything is Customizable, Including the Price.

My process is almost as customizable as the websites I create. That’s why it’s practically impossible to answer the “how much will it cost?” and “when can we have it?” questions without further discussion (i.e., Discovery).

Yes, the act of putting together an estimate is a relatively simple matter for most websites. What’s not is trying to determine how many production hours will be required to create your custom website. For example, while most clients hire me to design and build out the entire site, some prefer to hire me just to create custom templates. In addition, some elements of my process are optional.

Pricing Variables

Type of Site

Number of Pages

Custom Coding

Creative Assets


In-House Resources

Personalized Training

Client Revisions

Hosting Environment

Timing Variables

Estimate Approval

Size and Complexity of Site

Creative Assets (custom vs pre-existing)

Client Approval Process

Hosting Environment