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Tommy Oddo has been designing and developing custom websites for businesses of all sizes, since 1994. If you’ve got questions about design, development, and/or WordPress, he probably has the answers. To learn more about Tommy, please see the “About” page on this site, or, view his profile on LinkedIn.

A few example topics:

  • Is our current website worth fixing?
  • How do we get started with a new website?
  • Is WordPress the right solution for us?
  • Is our current web host adequate?
  • Is our website vulnerable to hackers?
  • Why is our website so slow?
  • How can we make our website look more “professional”?
  • How can we improve the user experience for mobile visitors?
  • How can we make our website do “a”, “b” and/or “c”?
  • Why is our website invisible to search engines?
  • Why does our website behave strangely when we do “x”?

The hourly rate for consulting is $100 per hour (plus applicable sales tax for Texas residents). To schedule a consultation, please fill out the form below.