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Oddo Design has been customizing and repairing WordPress websites created by other developers for nearly a decade.

Most of these websites were running in hosting environments that were not truly optimized for WordPress, nor conducive to WordPress development; poorly developed and/or designed; improperly maintained; and/or susceptible to hackers.

To the extent possible, issues such as these must be identified, isolated, and rectified before customization work begins.

Here are some of the most common roadblocks:

Inadequate Hosting

For all but the simplest of modifications, development work should not be performed directly on a live site. This means that the process of deploying to and from your live and staging environment (assuming you have one), should be fast and easy — requiring little more than the click of a button — with little-to-no downtime. Most small businesses do not have an adequate staging environment.

Performance and reliability are other factors that adversely affect the cost of development. If your hosting environment is not optimized specifically for WordPress, precious time will be lost wrestling with the server environment instead of improving your website. Migrating to a better host can resolve a multitude of issues and save your company a lot of money in the long run.

Oddo Design does not receive compensation of any kind from any hosting company. Hosting recommendations are based solely on merit.

Bad Coding & Design Practices

Perhaps you inadvertently hired a few novices to build and/or customize your website. Or, maybe you chose a poorly developed, predesigned Theme and did all the work yourself. In either case, crucial design and technical mistakes may have been made that slow down progress and unnecessarily increase the cost of development.

Improper Maintenance

WordPress websites with outdated and/or buggy themes and plugins can also make the design and development process unnecessarily complicated and expensive. Sometimes, updating this software is a trivial matter. Other times, it can be a complicated mess that requires many hours of debugging.

Security Vulnerabilities

Most small businesses do not realize their website is being attacked, because they do not monitor it for such activity. In addition, they often fail to take the simplest of precautions to harden their website. If your website has ever been hacked — whether knowingly or unknowingly — infected files will need to be cleaned and/or removed by Oddo Design. Plugins or scripts that are known to be vulnerable to attacks and are no longer supported by the plugin/script author should be replaced with more secure alternatives.

More than One Way to Build a Website

And finally, keep in mind that a website created by a third-party may involve some reverse-engineering to determine the best course of action for your customization project. Understandably, you may assume that the back-end of all WordPress websites (or more accurately Themes and Plugins) are developed in a standard manner — when in fact, they are not.

These variables can have a direct impact on the cost and timing of your customization project — in ways that are impossible to predict from the onset. In extreme cases, it may be time for a new website.

If your website was not originally created by Oddo Design, nor recently and extensively worked on by Oddo Design, a $300 retainer is required to assess the current condition of your website. This retainer covers up to 3 hours of time, and is applied towards: the assessment of your website; consultations (whether by phone, email or otherwise); testing and debugging; reviewing project requirements; etc. Virtually all time spent on your behalf is billable.

To begin your customization project, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions about your website beforehand, please schedule a consultation.