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WordPress Websites and Themes by Oddo Design

The creation of a high-quality, made-to-order website requires hours of interaction between you and Oddo Design before a comprehensive cost estimate can be provided.

More specifically, Oddo Design:

  • Helps you identify, clarify, and document your strategic objectives;
  • Gathers and reviews your creative and technical requirements;
  • Researches and proposes cost-effective alternatives you may not have considered;
  • Helps you define and organize your website’s content; and
  • Creates rough wireframes to visualize what we’re actually planning to build

This work is known as discovery.

Oddo Design employs a 3-phase process to design and develop your custom WordPress website. The first of these 3 phases is called the Discovery Phase.

Oddo Design’s Discovery Phase usually includes the following:

Strategy Brief

Purpose: To define and prioritize your key strategic objectives.
Deliverable: Strategy Brief plus a 1-2 hour strategy session.

Preliminary Site Map

Purpose: To determine (at least initially), the complexity and quantity of required templates, the quantity of pages, and the kind of assets that need to be delivered.
Deliverable: A detailed diagram — similar to an organizational chart — that represents a high-level view of your website.

Research/Needs Analysis

Purpose: To determine if existing WordPress plugins can satisfy your technical requirements.
Deliverable: When applicable, the assessment is included in the Strategy Brief.


Purpose: To define site navigation; page layout; and technical complexity of key templates and pages.
Deliverable: Rough/pencil sketch(es).

The Discovery Phase is the first of 3 required steps to create your website. Fees for Oddo Design’s Discovery Phase are billed at $100 per hour (plus applicable sales tax for Texas residents). This usually results in an investment of $800 to $1,600 for most small business websites before we begin the next phase.

To begin work on your new custom website, or, for a free 15-minute consultation, please fill out the form below.