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Measuring Engagement: Bounce Rates and Why They Matter

When a visitor leaves your website after viewing just one page, it’s called a “bounce”. Your “bounce rate” may be an indicator of a poor user experience, which can lead to frustrated visitors; poor conversion rates; and less search traffic. Let’s take a look.

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Is Your Website Ready for Apple Watch?

Is it time to design websites that also work on wristwatches? Would a web page even be legible at such a small size? Out of curiosity, I created a mockup to see what my website might look like on Apple Watch, and was surprised.

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The Website Redesign of Oddo Design

A couple of weeks ago, I quietly launched my new website. As you will see, this website redesign is flat and modern— clearly different than the illustrative retro design I created for the previous version.

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WordPress: The De-Evolution and Rebirth of Web Design

The common practice of using predesigned WordPress Themes and other website templates has turned the web design industry on its head in just a few short years. Websites are easier to build and more affordable than ever. But it’s not all good news for clients. Here’s why.

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Websites for Lawyers, Doctors, and Realtors! Oh My!

Buying a website from a web design firm that caters to your specific industry seems like a no-brainer. After all, they’ve served so many others with similar interests, and their products and services are reasonably priced… at least on the surface. Let’s take a closer look at some of the potential pitfalls.

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Greatest Website Ever— Smoke and Mirrors Not Included

Recently, in a LinkedIn forum, someone asked if it’s possible to “design a great website without code” (i.e., with a drag-and-drop website building tool). As someone who has spent the last 20 years designing and coding websites, I thought this was an interesting question. So, I took the bait.

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Web Design Doesn’t Matter

Last Friday, I fired a new client. Today, I wonder if it’s time to ignore the finer points of web design and development that 20+ years of experience and continuing education have taught me.

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WordPress Child Themes and Why You Should Use Them

If you or your WordPress developer failed to use a child theme, modifications to your website could disappear when your parent theme gets updated. Such an oversight could cost you hundreds, if not thousands in development dollars, and hours of downtime to correct. Here’s how to avoid that costly mistake.

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Introducing WPSimplifyd WordPress Support & Maintenance Services

For the past 2 years, Oddo Design has been offering WordPress support & maintenance services to small businesses for a low monthly fee. Recently, these services were expanded and rebranded— now called WPSimplifyd. Here a few tips about proper WordPress maintenance and a few notes about WPSimplifyd’s new plans.

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Protecting Your WordPress Website

Recently, I had the pleasure of appearing on The Let’s Talk Tech Show, a podcast hosted by Winnie Anderson. We talked about the vulnerabilities surrounding WordPress (and actually, websites in general), and what you can do to protect your WordPress Website. It’s a great listen! Listen Now!

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5 Mistakes WordPress Developers (and Clients) Make That Drive Me Crazy

One of the reasons I like customizing and maintaining WordPress websites I did not originally design/develop (in addition to creating new Wordpress websites), is that I get to see how other designers and developers work. One of the drawbacks however, is that a simple 1-hour task, can end up taking all day if the website I’m working on is in bad shape. And they usually are.

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Your Google Analytics Reports Are Probably Wrong. Very Wrong.

If you use Google Analytics (and you should!), you’ll want to know that spammers have found yet another way to make our lives miserable— by posting enormous amounts of fake traffic to our Google Analytics reports, rendering them practically useless. And it’s getting worse. In this article, I’ll show you how to identify the problem and what you can do to alleviate it.

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Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The most popular search site in the U.S., Google, tells us to “base your optimization decisions first and foremost on what’s best for the visitors of your site”. As a web designer, I have always held the same belief. In fact, I think of myself as an advocate for your visitors (aka the user experience). And you should too. Here’s why.

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Web Writing 101: How to Write and Prepare Text for a Website

When writing for the web, make your pages scannable. Put your headlines and subheads to good use. Use bulleted text lists and blockquotes when appropriate. And avoid the use of superlatives like “greatest”, “best-of-breed”, “super”, “amazing”, etc. Download this free writing template to help you get started.

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Top 10 Web Design Tactics for Building a Successful Website

Many clients, and even fellow web designers, begin a new website project by focusing on the obvious. They create a wish list that includes things like: favorite colors; favorite websites and/or templates; favorite photos and infographics; cool navigational elements and other widgets; and more. But what if this wish list was actually detrimental to the success of the website?

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