Tommy, the WordPress web designer, driving his pickup truck in Austin, TX

WordPress Web Designer & Web Developer

Tommy's PortraitHi there. I’m Tommy Oddo— an independent WordPress web designer and web developer who specializes in the creation of custom websites and ongoing web maintenance. And in case you’d like to know, I live and work in Austin, Texas.

Don’t Spin Your Wheels with a Template.

ThemeOddo FrameworkTrying to find the perfect pre-designed WordPress theme or website template? Good luck! Even if you do find that needle in a haystack, it’s likely to be bloated with features you’ll never use, which can slow down your website and make it more expensive for an experienced developer to modify. Instead, let me custom-build a new, high-quality, WordPress-powered website, to meet the specific needs of your business and target audience. All of my WordPress websites are now built on top of my ThemeOddo responsive framework— which means your website can look and work just as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop computer.

Yes, I Do Website Tune-ups and Maintenance.

Ongoing Support and MaintenanceAfter I create your website, I can provide ongoing creative, web design, and web development services that complement your core strengths and empower you to self-manage your company’s website, if you so choose. In other words, I’ll be here to help— from one-on-one training and support; to creating interactive graphics and mobile-friendly animation; to taking care of  software updates, backups, and more, on an as-needed basis.

Now, Get Some Traction!

Top 10 Web Design TacticsJoin the majority of my time-deprived clients who simply can’t afford the luxury of a large web design agency, a full-time webmaster, or an inexperienced freelancer. Or, if you’re not quite ready to request an estimate, download my ebooklet (pdf)— Top 10 Web Design Tactics for Building a Successful Website to gain insight into my process.

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Disaster Prevention and Recovery for Your WordPress Website

Disaster Prevention and Recovery for Your WordPress Website

Yesterday afternoon I received a frantic call from a client I hadn’t heard from in 6 months. He left a voice message telling me that the website I designed and developed for his client— one that he had been “maintaining”— went down after he updated a few third-party plugins. Let’s take a look at how you can prevent this from happening to your WordPress website, and what I did to bring his website back to life. | Read Article–>

A Partner You Can Trust

My Pledge to You

  1. I’ll create your website the right way, the first time;
  2. I’ll help you stand out from the crowd, with a custom, one-of-a-kind website that resonates with your target audience and strengthens your brand;
  3. Like a good friend, I’ll be here when you need help— long after your website launches;
  4. I’ll provide ongoing maintenance (WordPress and plugin updates, backups, performance optimization, graphics, code modifications, etc.) on an as-needed basis;
  5. I’ll make it easier for you to manage your own website, if you want to;
  6. I’ll help you make your customers’ experience more satisfying— they’ll stay longer and visit more often, and buy more from you;
  7. I’ll make it easier for your best prospects to find your website when they search for products and services like yours; and
  8. I’ll make your website and everything else the public sees (email newsletters, digital publications, Facebook pages, etc.), look like they represent the same company.

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